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MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014

Visual Assay™ Puts Real-Time Data Capture into Palm of Scientist's Hands

Tablet-Based Collaboration Tool Improves Reproducibility, Reduces Research & Development Cost

Visual Assay™, a tablet-based collaboration platform released by Label Independent, Inc., is transforming the research laboratory by capturing experiment data as it’s designed and executed, allowing scientists to manage, track and share assay data in real time. The platform helps alleviate the $5 billion cost of bringing a drug to market by addressing low reproducibility rates and poor data capture. It is designed to support scientists, lab managers and IT departments in life science, healthcare and business operations.


Visual Assay, which was developed by scientists for scientists, resolves many challenges faced in laboratory research, including poor data reproducibility and capture, lost productivity, data silos within and between collaborators, inadequate record keeping and data integrity and no real-time tracking of research studies and work performed. The platform allows teams to work simultaneously on a tablet, laptop or desktop. The software is icon-based which allows teams to cross geographical and language barriers without losing the integrity of experimental protocols and data.

“It's time to leverage the power of mobile technology and real-time data capture to empower scientists and healthcare providers to accelerate discovery, therapies for disease and ultimately patient outcome.” said Mannix Aklian, founder and CEO of Label Independent, Inc.

Visual Assay features three editions: Visual Assay RT allows scientists to not only capture assay design and results in real time, but also to instantly share results; Visual Assay Pulse guarantees instant on-demand assay reporting, collaboration tracking with outside partners and increased productivity; Visual Assay Maestro is a cloud-based or on-premise application allowing IT departments instant collaboration, real-time assay documentation and improved assay replication.


“Visual Assay RT connects the scientists with their research and colleagues, while Visual Assay Pulse is a project management tool providing a holistic view of the organization. The Visual Assay Maestro product allows powerful administration of the platform for IT. The three products work together seamlessly to rapidly improve productivity," Aklian said.


About Visual Assay: A product of Label Independent, Inc., Visual Assay is a tablet-based collaboration tool used for managing, capturing, and sharing assay data in real-time. Developed by scientists for scientists, Visual Assay is available as a cloud-based SaaS solution or on-premise platform that captures data as it’s generated in secure, encrypted files. The novel software calls for virtually no typing and removes the need for translation allowing companies to cross language, cultural and geographical barriers, all while increasing reproducibility and productivity. Visual Assay’s first clients include several top 10 pharmaceutical and biotech companies.


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